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How to Work with a Dragon 
Using Chinese Astrology to Survive in the Corporate Jungle

A humorous look at office politics using the animal characters from Chinese astrology. At work, you see all types of beastly behavior on display - the Dragon boss who leaves everyone burned out, the gossipy Monkey co-worker who always escapes trouble, the strutting Rooster with lots of flashy ties and no original ideas. The workplace can be as murky and dangerous as the Amazon rain forest, and as quirky and Darwinian as the Galapagos Islands. You need to recognize your natural friends and enemies, and know how to tame them or when to run away. Learn to reimagine your office as an "Animal Planet" special and laugh your way to job satisfaction. It's the scratch-and-sniff guide to career success...
How to Work with a Dragon
If you enjoy wordplay, you will love this symphony of puns, comically upended cliches and elegant zoological metaphors. For writers the book is an object lesson in disciplined prose. Each chapter assumes the linguistic claws and feathers of its subject and does not deviate one whisker. You may be surprised by how many plays on words can be squeezed out of a box of animal crackers. --A reader commenting on the Kindle edition.
How to Work with a Dragon is, in my view, considerably more useful than many of the other 'personality type' material out there. And because it can so easily be applied in one’s personal life, not only in the workplace, this book is one of the essentials for one’s library. This book is very well written, with beautiful and brilliant use of language and is a pleasure to read. --Beba Papakyriakou, The New Age Blog.

$2.99 | GraciLu Books | 2010
Available in a Kindle edition from Amazon
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